I’ve never been much of an orthodox thinker.

In Sunday School, I was often told that I asked too many questions.

In Bible college, I was never satisfied with being told that I had to believe a specific way, in the spiritual or political realm.

In ministry, I was told early on that I was too cerebral and thought too much about matters of faith and theology.

I’m not afraid to question the status quo, or the traditional ways of approaching faith and politics. While the old adage tells us to stay away from these controversial topics, I’m not afraid to talk about either openly, with whomever is interested. I don’t shy away from debate or questioning the things we are told. I place a high value on being able to see situations from various perspectives, because let’s face it…

Nothing is black and white in life.
Or in faith.
Or in politics.

This is where I will explore these matters and challenge the conventional ways of thinking about these issues.

I’m a believer, but a skeptic.
I’m educated, but still learning.
I’m a left-leaning voter, but think the right is not without value.

And I can’t help but think that maybe I’m not the only one…so, feel free to settle in and join the conversation. It might get uncomfortable at times, but enlightenment doesn’t come easy. Let’s take the journey together.