Friday, June 30, 2017

We Should Have Known.

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou

One of the truly remarkable things that the Trump administration will likely be remembered for is President Trump's ability to step on his own toes & shift the focus from getting substantial work done to his inability to not be a petty, 71 year old narcissist with a Twitter account.

I suppose it could be said that what was supposed to be a week focused on technology was not an entire failure. After all, Trump used his favorite piece of technology to help him achieve the role of schoolyard bully as he took aim at talk show co-host, Mika Brzezinski, this week for simply doing her job.

So, here we are again, unable to talk about policy, health care, the fact that the White House literally just asked all the states to hand over their voter rolls to a guy who is infamous for wanting to enact huge vote-suppression tactics, or major world events, because our president is behaving like a child...again.

I'm honestly not sure why anyone is surprised at Trump's behavior. We know this is who he is. This is the way he has always been. He's done this so many times before. I don't understand why people thought the office of President would change him for the better, since he's given us every indication that he's only interested in the position for the fame and to further promote the Trump brand. I can't believe that people are more outraged at this behavior than from the Access Hollywood tape where Trump brags about how he can't control himself around women and just grabs them.

The thing that should have disqualified Trump from being president still exists and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's his temperament. Who he is as a person turns out to be exactly who he is, and it's a rich, privileged, ridiculous old white guy, with a penchant for all things tacky, who thinks he can do whatever he wants because of his money and name, can dish out insults, but can't take them (especially if they come from women).

You guys, if a shitty person runs for president and wins, it should be no surprise when we're stuck with a shitty president.

It's no surprise when our collective intelligence and standing in the world drops like a rotten floor under the weight of a man with such a fragile sense of self.

It's not that we should be shocked that is Donald Trump. We should be shocked that there is a portion of our population that believed that he would make a good president.

For people of faith who voted for Trump, or for Trump supporters who are women, or have daughters or any women at all in their in the world do you excuse yourself for picking this man? How is this the leader that you look up to, or expect to lead us in the world? How are you ok with this? How did you not see that this is the man you picked, when he has shown you who he truly is the whole time?

People were outraged at Kathy Griffin for her photo stunt of posing with a decapitated head that resembled Trump. People thought it crossed a line, were concerned about Trump's children, particularly his young son, that could have seen the photo, and Griffin was fired from a New Year's Eve hosting gig with CNN and has had performances cancelled across the country. When she did something that crossed the line, there were immediate consequences. And she's just a comedian. She's not the mayor of a town, she doesn't hold public office, or is someone who is seen as a leader of our country. Trump even used his young son as a sort of human shield when this happened, expressing concern for what his 11 year old son might have seen, though, instead of spending time with his son after this horrible thing happened, Trump spent the following weekend golfing.

I wonder what Trump's son thinks about the way his dad cyber-bullies people who criticize him? What does this young man believe is the best way to respond to people who disagree with his dad? I wonder what he thinks is okay to say or do to a woman? I mean, if we're worried about what he is exposed to, the kid is exposed to his dad, and that is worrisome enough, given that his dad admitted he has no control of himself around beautiful women.

What about Mika's daughters? What about the children of every person Trump has called names, insulted, or just flat out lied about? When Trump spent the first few years of the Obama presidency proclaiming that our then-president wasn't even an American, did he spare any thought at all for Sasha & Malia, who were actually younger at the time than Barron Trump is now? When Trump cracked assassination jokes about Hilary Clinton, did he think at all about her grandchildren?

I almost can't even with women like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and KellyAnne Conway going on television to defend what the president did. Conway now works for a guy she knows lacks the mental capacity to be president...she said as much in an interview on CNN when she worked for Ted Cruz, whose wife was another victim of Trump's childish insults during the campaign.

And Sarah Huckabee Sanders?!? The daughter of Mike Huckabee, the Christian minister-turned politician, defended Trump's insults by saying that America chose a man who will fight back when he is attacked.
So, we should just forget all about that time that Jesus said that we should turn the other cheek?
We should forget that every single president had to endure being attacked every day, because it comes with the territory.

We hold female comedians to a higher standard than we hold the current President of the United States to.
That is so messed up.

We are heading towards a 4th of July week where I am so ashamed of our country and this president, that I don't feel much like celebrating us.

I think we all need to think about the wisdom of Maya Angelou and realize that we know who our president is...and we need to rethink why we are here and how we can get out of this hole we've dug ourselves into.

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